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Ambito In breve Dettagli
Pagine web Würzburg  Dettagli
News 19.03.2013: hofer powertrain supporting KA-RaceIng Team  Dettagli
News 18.03.2013: Stuttgart – extended range of services thanks to new test facilities, development workshop and office space.  Dettagli
News 30.01.2013: hofer powertrain sets up a UK site of operations  Dettagli
News 20.07.2012: „More a milestone than just a foundation stone!“  Dettagli
News 06.12.2011: Joint series development and industrialisation of CVT steel push belts - Bosch Transmission Technology B.V. and hofer pdc GmbH sign cooperation agreement  Dettagli
News 05.08.2010: Safe and reliable power electronic systems for vehicle applications  Dettagli
News 10.06.2010: hofer powertrain as a Valued Engineering Partner at the „Ford Global NVH Conference“  Dettagli
News 06.07.2009: Friedrichshafen - hofer powertrain at the VDI Congress „Transmissions in Vehicles“ on the 30th of June - 1st of July 2009  Dettagli
News 24.06.2009: How to evaluate shift comfort?  Dettagli
News 23.04.2009: Lenting – endurance test benches for combined heating and power station  Dettagli
News 16.03.2009: Expanding the competence in the field of actuators by hofer powertrain  Dettagli
News 19.02.2009: hofer eds Wuerzburg at the Symposium „Hybrid Vehicles and Energy Management“ in Braunschweig  Dettagli
News 08.12.2008: hofer powertrain at the CTI Symposium in Berlin  Dettagli
News 02.12.2008: VDI-Recruitingday in Munich for Young Professionals und Professionals  Dettagli
News 28.11.2008: hofer Stuttgart extends their testing area  Dettagli
News 18.11.2008: hofer powertrain presents modern powertrain technology in Minsk  Dettagli
News 13.11.2008: Ruesselsheim - extended development portfolio at the hofer driveline GmbH location  Dettagli
News 04.11.2008: meet @ fiera di contatto per aziende Darmstadt 2008  Dettagli
News 01.09.2008: Upgrading of the motor competence at hofer  Dettagli
News 01.08.2008: Würzburg – hofer inaugura un nuovo centro di competenza  Dettagli
News 21.07.2008: hofer powertrain at the Turin Conference  Dettagli
News 18.06.2008: Convegno VDI “Getriebe in Fahrzeugen“ (“Cambi di velocità nei veicoli”)  Dettagli
News 17.06.2008: Presentazione di hofer al terzo simposio internazionale CTI “Sistemi di aspirazione per motori”  Dettagli
News 12.06.2008: VDI - RECRUITING DAY  Dettagli
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